Intelligent Infrastructure for Traveler Information

Reliable, industrial hardened products working together to create complete solutions

An Advantech B+B SmartWorx customer needed a traveler information system that could stand up to difficult environmental conditions while simultaneously providing travelers with timely information regarding factors like variable speed limits, incident detection and traffic alerts, road conditions and weather status. It would have to incorporate dynamic messaging signage, exit signal controls, roadside weather stations and many other systems. It would need to unite disparate data networking interfaces and protocols in an a single, seamless network, bridging the gaps between a wide variety of data networking technologies.

With its full portfolio of data networking products, Advantech B+B SmartWorx was able to provide a complete solution.

Aufbau des Tunnel-Management-Systems / Infrastructure Tunnel Management System

Products In Use

Ethernet Extender EIR2-EXTEND

The Advantech B+B SmartWorx EIR2-EXTEND is perfect for connecting remote devices like speed tracking installations. The EIR2-EXTEND extends copper Ethernet connections up to 2200 meters (7218 feet) over any twisted copper pair. It can even make use of legacy cabling that is already in place. It fully complies with IEEE 802.3 10BaseT and IEEE 802.3u 100BaseTX standards.

Managed Gigabit Switch SEGP510-2SFP-T

The Advantech B+B SmartWorx SEGP510-2SFP-T is a fully managed PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet switch with industrial, ruggedized features designed to work in harsh environment applications. This switch offers all of the basic management features that you would expect in a managed switch, such as VLAN, IGMP Snooping, Network Redundancy, SNMP V1,V2c,V3, Web and Telnet support. Smart PoE Management features support advanced PoE settings and monitoring. Additionally, these switches support comprehensive network security features such as SSH, HTTPS/SSL, TLS, TTLS, PEAP and Radius. These switches also feature IXM™ cross management technology with an auto synchronization function to make deployment of multiple switches quick and easy..

18-ch Isolated Digital I/O Modbus TCP Module ADAM-6050-CE

The Advantech B+B SmartWorx ADAM-6000 simplifies the integration
of automation and enterprise systems. Users don’t need to change the
architecture of the control system. ADAM-6000 modules are equipped with
peer-to-peer (P2P) and Graphic Condition Logic (GCL), and can perform as
standalone products for measurement, control and automation. They eliminate
the need for additional controllers or programming, and system configurations
can be done quickly with the easy-to-use and intuitive graphic utility.

Industrial LTE 4G Cellular Router LR77v2

Advantech B+B SmartWorx routers are built for Plug and Play simplicity with extensive remote management, deployment and customization options. They wirelessly connect Ethernet equipment and other devices to the Internet or intranet, via either wired or cellular connections. They create secure connections, even in locations where cable connections are impractical. Standard configuration includes a 10/100 Ethernet port, USB host port, binary input/output port, and 2 auxiliary ports for connecting additional devices. These can be additional Ethernet switch ports, RS-232, RS-485/422 interfaces and additional digital/analog I/O ports.



• The smart device connectivity tools you need for modern networks

• Faster development and deployment cycles with lower project risk

• Protection of initial investment as system requirements change

• Integrate new technologies as they emerge

• Maximizes lifetime Return On Investment